When Should I Call Hospice?

When spouses, companions or parents have seriously deteriorating physical conditions, when should the question of hospice be raised?

When it becomes apparent that chemo or other treatments are having little impact on the condition, and are resulting in painful side effects, it’s time to discuss hospice care with the doctor.

When the patient expresses a desire to stop treatment and live out the rest of her or his life without frequent trips to the hospital, it’s time to ask the doctor about hospice.

When a doctor first mentions average survival rates and times, it’s time for the patient and caregiver to learn about hospice, to be able to make an informed choice when the need arises.

When a doctor is reluctant to face the reality of a patient’s condition, it’s time to call a hospice care agency and ask for information and suggestions.

When a doctor says the patient is terminal, but needs to spend his/her last days or weeks in a hospital, call a hospice care agency to compare end-of-life on hospice care with end-of-life in a hospital bed.

When friends and other family members tell you that hospice care can provide comfort to the patient and give you, the caregiver, needed help, call a hospice agency for information.

When a loved is not receiving regular medical attention, but seems to be in a pattern of gradually declining health, call a hospice agency for information and guidance.

When a diagnosis is given indicating that life expectancy is six months or less, the doctor should offer a hospice referral. Remember that you can choose whichever hospice you prefer.

When the end is near and the patient and medical team have exhausted all possibilities for life extension, call a hospice agency.

Hospice care organizations, including Hope Hospice, take patients in their final days of life. But hospice can offer so much more to the patient, the primary caregiver and the family if the call to hospice is made earlier in the end-of-life process.

At Hope Hospice, we take calls everyday from people who want to know about hospice. They ask, “Why should my husband, my dad, my sister, my best friend consider hospice care?”

The answers are not always quick and easy. We are happy to take as much time as needed to answer all your questions about hospice care. Call us anytime at 314-984-9800.






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