Dying at Home

Home. It’s a word that has many meanings and connotations. For most of us, home is the place where we are most comfortable. It is the place where we enjoy the company of family and friends. Home is a place where we can relax and be ourselves.

Home is also one of the most important reasons people choose hospice care. Surveys have shown results stating that a huge majority of Americans would prefer to die at home, as opposed to dying in a hospital. If you have ever been a hospital in-patient, you know that while the care can be excellent, it is always a relief when you are allowed to go… home.

Home is not just a favorite chair or a view out the back window. Home is the smell of fresh coffee, bacon and microwave popcorn. Even if a patient’s appetite is curtailed, the smells of home bring pleasure and solace.

Home is a place where friends and neighbors feel more comfortable. It’s easier, in almost all cases, for them to drop by and visit a patient in his or her home than it is to visit in a hospital room. A hospital visit can involve parking garages and confusing layouts, in comparison to parking in a driveway and walking in the front door.

Home is where the pets are. Dogs and cats and other animals are important parts of our lives. Just having them around contributes to the overall feeling of contentment a person feels when at home.

Home is sound that adds to the peacefulness a patient enjoys in his or her home. That sound can be the familiar hum of a kitchen appliance or the voice of a favorite personality on radio or TV echoing in the family room.

Home is where a patient can control the thermostat or request that a caregiver make it warmer or cooler. A patient can enjoy a cozy fire in a fireplace at home…an experience that cannot be replicated at a hospital.

If you have a loved one who is currently considering hospice care or if you’re just thinking ahead to that time when your parent or spouse—or you yourself—may need end-of-life services, remember what they say: There’s No Place Like Home.

Hope Hospice provides hospice care to patients in homes throughout St. Louis city and county and in St. Charles, Franklin and Jefferson counties. Call us anytime for information at 314-984-9800.


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