Fear of the Unknown

In our lifetimes, we all confront many things that are unknown. We hesitate. We avoid. We are skeptical of the unknown, doubtful about what may or may not be down the road. At times, we are forced to confront the unknown, but often, when given the choice, we stick with the known.

Hospice care is frequently a completely unknown concept to many who are told that it might be best for them. Unless a friend or family member can tell you about an experience with hospice care, it remains an unknown. Even when a doctor or hospice care representative explains what hospice is, a patient or family member can still be skeptical about the whole concept. At Hope Hospice, we answer all questions. We do our best to make take all the mystery out of hospice care.

As we get older, our avoidance of the unknown is a more pronounced trait. When we are 22 years old, we are less apprehensive about new friends, new jobs, new living quarters, new places to go and new things to try out. When we are 55 years old, we are more careful about people, places and things. As we age, we develop habitual patterns in our day-to-day living.

It is important to remember that many of the unknowns we experience in our lives actually turn out to be positive experiences! The trepidation one feels at certain milestone moments in life is not unusual. Courtship, marriage, births of children and grandchildren usually bring happiness and joy. Yet many of those life experiences are preceded by that fear of the unknown.

Life is a journey that takes each of us down many roads. Those of us who have lived in the same house with the same spouse, worked at the same job, attended the same church, shopped at the same stores and have had established routines for years, may not want those routines to be upset. But changes do occur and new roads lead to new experiences.

Work to learn about those unknowns and face the fact that our lives will not always follow the same path. When the future brings you unknowns, remember the way you embraced life’s unknowns “back in the day.”

When hospice care is introduced as a possibility for a loved one, address this unknown with the same curiosity and interest you had when introduced to new things in your younger days. Learn as much as you can and make your best choices now, as you did back then.


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