Ask Questions About Hospice Care

Many patients (and their loved ones) who are referred to Hope Hospice have little idea what hospice is, how it works and what our hospice team does for patients.

We carefully explain to them all the aspects of hospice. We explain that the main concern of hospice is patient comfort. We point out that we provide more than just physical comfort to patients and support to loved ones.

We appreciate especially those patients and family members who have some familiarity with hospice. These are frequently people who have had a parent, spouse or friend spend time on hospice prior to death. They may have heard about hospice from a newspaper or TV report or may have read information online.

We welcome any and all questions that you may have about the care we provide at Hope Hospice. There are no stupid questions. There are no inappropriate questions. We are here to provide service to patients and their families and loved ones. We will always try our best to answer fully any questions you have about hospice.

Was there a story regarding hospice you heard from a friend or read in a magazine article, about which you want confirmation or more information? Just ask. We have heard many of the typical questions that patients and family members ask, but we are always happy—and sometimes surprised—to hear new ones. If we don’t know the answer, we will make all attempts to find the answer.

Because hospice, as a form of healthcare, is growing so rapidly in the US, more information about hospice is available. But, as informative as certain content is, an article or broadcast report may answer one question but raise four or five new questions.

Whether you meet with Hope Hospice officials or representatives from another hospice agency, do not be shy about asking questions. And, if they are not answered to your satisfaction, ask again.

We feel that the better a patient and her or his loved ones are informed, the better a job we can do in providing comfort to the patient. So, go ahead. Ask away.


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