Compassion and, Yes, Love Are Vital Parts of Hospice Care

Every hospice care agency gets them and values them. We certainly receive our share here at Hope Hospice. We get letters—from family members and other survivors—offering thanks and gratitude for the care and concern provided by hospice team members.

A theme that runs through most of these letters is an appreciation for the level of personal concern shown by hospice nurses and home health aides. Also mentioned in the letters are other staffers, including chaplains, social workers, massage therapists and volunteers. The words “compassion,” “kindness,” “support” and, yes, “love” show up frequently in such letters.

The letters we receive at Hope Hospice demonstrate that the personal experience of having a family member or other loved one on hospice is often different from what had been anticipated.

A cross-section of these comments reveals many mentions of service that exceeded expectations. As more people learn what hospice is and become somewhat familiar with hospice care, there are preconceived notions of how things will proceed when a loved one is on hospice care. We are happy that many who write letters are pleasantly surprised the many elements of hospice care they were unaware of.

The letters often mention the knowledge and expertise of our team members. They also mention the attention paid to family members and other loved one after the patient’s death.

Of course, like anyone, we enjoy hearing from those who have found our services were more than satisfactory. We especially appreciate when family members acknowledge the compassion and love shown by specific individuals on our staff.

Because hospice care is a unique form of medical service, the opportunity to connect with patients, family members and other caregivers on personal basis is one that we don’t take lightly. To all who have taken the time to write us about your experience with Hope Hospice, we thank you.


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