The St. Louis Hospice Picture

We are fortunate in metro St. Louis to have numerous hospice organizations, staffed by many dedicated professionals. A quick look at the local hospice scene can provide useful information for patients, family members and other caregivers who are considering choices.

Each of our area’s large hospital groups has a hospice. Doctors who work for these groups may refer patients to their own group’s hospice. Patients, however, are free to choose whichever hospice they feel best fits their needs.

These larger hospital groups are generally classified as non-profit, often because of their affiliation with religious organizations. And, even though they are based in St. Louis, they may have facilities in several states.

Some smaller groups, also structured as non-profits, have hospice care as part of their multifaceted medical operations.

Several multi-state for-profit hospice organizations have personnel working in St. Louis, but are controlled by leadership in places like Ohio, Georgia and Minnesota.

Hope Hospice is an independent, for-profit, locally based hospice agency. Unlike some of the non-profits, we do not solicit charity contributions from United Way or other donors.

Unlike some of the multi-state for-profit hospices, we do not have to answer to ownership that’s based in another part of the US. This is, we think, one of our best qualities. If a Hope Hospice staff member needs an answer to a question, the boss/co-owner is right here in the office in St. Louis, not in Atlanta.

Because we are not affiliated with a large hospital group, we depend on patients being referred to us because of our performance record, not because a physician was obliged to pass along our name. Because we are a for-profit organization, our revenue does not come from charity, but from the work we do.

When considering a hospice in St. Louis for yourself or a loved one, please keep Hope Hospice in mind. If you have questions, call us at 314-984-9800.


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