Hospice Notes

Michelle Munz wrote an article that appeared in the May 16, 2013, St. Louis Post-Dispatch about the increasing acceptance of hospice care in the African American community of St. Louis. At Hope Hospice, we have had a significant number of African Americans among our patient population from the day we opened. You can read this interesting story by clicking HERE.

One of our Hope Hospice nurses, Jason Winfrey, recently conducted a huge garage sale in St. Louis to benefit his HOPE scholarship fund. HOPE (which is not connected to Hope Hospice) pays college tuition for students in Liberia. Jason Winfrey was a medical missionary in Liberia about a decade ago. Read our item on Jason from last year by clicking HERE.

With Memorial Day on the way, we remind you to take a moment Monday to remember those who died while serving in the United States Armed Forces. As you take a moment to honor your own friends and family members who died in military service, consider the vast number of men and women from throughout our nation who have given their lives for our freedom. Remember, too, that lives given in less popular wars are just as significant as those laid down in the so-called “good” wars.

The Illinois General Assembly has passed legislation legalizing medical marijuana. The bill awaits the signature of the governor, who has indicated he will sign the bill. Governor Pat Quinn mentioned to reporters that veterans groups support medical marijuana because they believe it to be useful in dealing with PTSD. In a Chicago Tribune report on the matter, Eric Zorn wrote this week: In 2010, the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs formally allowed its patients to use marijuana for medicinal purposes in hospitals and clinics located in states where such use is legal. Will this passage in Illinois influence lawmakers in Missouri? Stay tuned.

Consider the Conversation: A Documentary on a Taboo Subject made its debut in early 2011. It is a film about end-or-life decisions. It has aired on numerous PBS stations around the US over the past two years, but has yet to air in St. Louis. We encourage KETC and the Nine Network to consider offering this film via one of its several channels. Click HERE to watch a short preview of Consider the Conversation.



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