Want to Help? Be a Hospice Volunteer!

The professional staff of Hope Hospice provides a broad array of services to our patients and their families. But Hope also depends on the help of our many volunteers.

Hope Hospice volunteers visit with patients and offer companionship and conversation during what can be a lonely time. For those who are facing death, having a new friend can do wonders for the spirit. It’s not always easy to be a good listener, but our volunteers work hard at it.

For volunteers, the rewards are many. Though they are not paid for their time and effort, they reap the emotional benefit that comes from helping another person. The value of these new human connections can immense. Listening to the stories told by Hope Hospice patients can help volunteers put their own lives in perspective.

Some Hope Hospice volunteers come from local nursing schools. For them, volunteering gives them new and different outlooks on patients and families. Some come from high schools. For teens, volunteering with a hospice presents a chance to interact with a completely different age group from their peers. Retired individuals with free time and plenty of energy are often looking for an opportunity to help. They make excellent volunteers.

You may not know that the state of Missouri requires all hospices to utilize the services of volunteers. Time spent with a hospice’s patients each week must include a percentage of volunteer time. At Hope Hospice, we endorse this mandate and constantly strive to exceed required minimums by a significant margin.

If you would like to consider becoming a Hope Hospice volunteer, we would love to hear from you. Please call 314-984-9800 and ask for C.J. Bilbrey, our Volunteer Coordinator. He can answer all your questions.

Being a hospice volunteer offers a sense of fulfillment for those who have time to give. At Hope Hospice, we appreciate all our volunteers. On behalf of our patients, family members and our professional staff, we thank you.


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