You Have Questions? We Have Answers!

At Hope Hospice, a significant amount of our time goes to answering questions. We answer questions asked by patients who have been referred to Hope Hospice. We answer questions asked by those patients’ family members and other caregivers. We answer questions asked by media members in interviews. We answer questions asked by people that staff members encounter during personal time.

We are always ready to provide answers, to the best of our abilities. And when our answers are not completely understood the first time, we strive to clarify to the satisfaction of the questioner.

Most people have heard of hospice care, but, because there may be no apparent urgent reason to learn more about it, their awareness of how hospice works may be limited. It’s not unlike some of the shows on TV, about which we may know a little bit, but not enough to provide details.

If your parents are aging or if you and your spouse are getting to that point in life when you give more than an occasional passing thought to your eventual demise, now is a good time to learn about hospice care. You or your family may have no need for hospice for years. But, like other life events, it can be good to have more than just surface knowledge about the end of one’s life. And situations in our lives can change overnight.

Our Hope Hospice community liaisons, Carl Lathan and Sarah Bilbrey, share basic information about hospice care to numerous individuals every week. They answer questions. And, if they don’t know the answer, they seek it out.

Sarah and Carl are available to speak to your community organization or church group about hospice. They’ve visited with hundreds of patients and families. Each one has a different story and different questions. They will take the time to explain to your group the key things to know about hospice. And when they’ve finished with their remarks, they’ll be certain to ask, “Any questions?”

To schedule an informative talk about hospice care for your group in metro St. Louis, call Hope Hospice at 314-984-9800.



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