Hospice Is Not (Usually) A Place

A question we are sometimes asked is: How big is your facility? How many rooms/beds do you have?

Our “facility” in St. Louis County is in an office complex. We have offices, storage areas, a classroom, meeting areas and a kitchen/break area. But we do not have patient rooms or beds here. Our patients receive hospice care in their homes or in nursing homes (or assisted living facilities).

There are in-patient hospice facilities, but most St. Louis area hospice patients are in private homes or care facilities.

Why do so many people think of a hospice as a place? For centuries, hospices were places where the terminally ill came to die. The modern hospice movement, featuring care primarily in one’s home, is barely a half-century old. Many of the patients we’ve served at Hope Hospice were never told about hospice when they were growing up. And, if they did hear a little bit here and there about hospice, the information was sketchy at best.

Hospice patients who are in their homes receive routine daily care from family members. Hospice nurses and home health aides provide specialized care to patients. Hospice staff also provides support to those family members, in the form of training.

The beauty of hospice care is that family members are not isolated from a dying patient. Instead of seeing mom or dad in a hospital room, lying in bed, hooked up to a variety of monitors, family members see their loved one at home in a favorite comfortable chair.

The idea that hospice is a place is one of the many misconceptions that exist regarding hospice care. At Hope Hospice, we address misconceptions everyday, as we tell the story of hospice to new patients and family members.

For information about hospice care, call us at Hope Hospice at 314-984-9800. Hope Hospice serves patients and families in St. Louis city and county and in Jefferson, St. Charles and Franklin counties.


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