Hope Hospice Communicates

The weekly meeting of the Hope Hospice staff each Wednesday morning has many agenda items, but focuses primarily on providing patient updates to the team. Nurses and home health aides share their latest evaluations of a patient’s various conditions. They talk about physical and emotional conditions.

The social worker or the chaplains may also interject input into the discussion about a particular patient. They may mention a remark a patient has made that can be relevant to the patient’s care. A patient’s potential needs may be discussed at these meetings.

The sharing of information among team members is impressive. In some organizations, information is passed along to workers on a “need to know” basis. At Hope Hospice, being informed about patients and their individual circumstances makes it possible for all team members to do the most and best they can for each patient.

Information about new procedures, equipment and regulations is presented to the Hope staff at these weekly meetings. This allows questions to be asked about new information.

In addition to communicating with other staff members in weekly meetings, the entire Hope Hospice team is dedicated to communicating clearly with patients and caregivers. Along with giving information, Hope Hospice personnel listen to patients and caregivers to make sure that needs and wants are receiving proper attention.

Communication is an important element in any medical organization. When a Hope Hospice employee has questions, she or he can knows that answers will be forthcoming. Since Hope Hospice is locally owned and is not part of a large hospital group, management personnel are close by and readily available.

This is good news for Hope Hospice patients and their caregivers. When the lines of communication are direct and do not have to go through numerous levels of administration, concerns are addressed in a timely manner.

At Hope Hospice, good communication practices are a priority. If you have questions about hospice, call Hope Hospice at 314-984-9800. We will work to answer your questions clearly and completely.

Hope Hospice offices are at 13537 Barrett Parkway (at Manchester and Barrett Station) in west St. Louis County.


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