How To Learn About Hospice

When it becomes known that a person is facing a potentially life-threating health crisis, the word “hospice” will inevitably be mentioned.

Even when treatment is going well, a family member, a friend, a fellow churchgoer, a co-worker, a neighbor or someone else you know is likely to ask if you have considered hospice for your loved one. If you are like many people, your reply will indicate that it is an option for “sometime down the road.”

No matter how far away “sometime down the road” may be, now is a good time to learn about hospice care and all it includes. Hospice patients and their families throughout the world are frequently surprised (in a good way) by the many elements of hospice care. Often, they only realize all the services that hospice care delivers after the patient has signed on with a hospice agency.

So how can a person learn about hospice before the time comes to seriously consider hospice care? Here are a few suggestions:

  1. Ask your friends. Talk to those who’ve had family members pass away in recent years. Ask them about their experiences with hospice. Ask them what they liked and if there was anything they didn’t like.
  2. Do research. Go online and search for “hospice care.” Go to for books about hospice. Visit your library for books on hospice.
  3. Call a hospice for information. You can call Hope Hospice at 314-984-9800 ask questions. You may also request our brochure, which includes answers to many questions. We would be happy to send you one.
  4. Visit a hospice website. Our Hope Hospice website may be accessed by clicking HERE. Go to our FAQ page and our “About us” page for useful information.
  5. Check out the New Old Age blog on the New York Times website. Click HERE for good information and opinion. (Note: You may have to pay for continued access to this and other New York Times web content.)

As writer Jane Gross points out in one of the posts on the NYT’s New Old Age blog, “Don’t wait for a crisis.” Act now to learn what you need to know about hospice.


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