Hospice Experiences

It is an amazing thing to see. Do a Google search for “hospice experiences” and examine the results. Almost all of the 5,000,000+ articles, blogs, letters, etc. talk of positive experiences with hospice care. Some are brief; others are long. Some patients received hospice care at home, while others received care at a nursing home or other care center.

In most of these stories, it is the survivors who tell about the loving care their parent, spouse or other loved one received. A few entries are written by patients. Others come from hospice staff and volunteers.

Suggestions include carefully interviewing and assessing the hospice care agency you are considering. Another reminds family members to talk to the patient about end-of-life thoughts and wishes and remember that it is ultimately the patient’s decision. Having conversations about hospice sooner rather than later is recommended often.

One person writes that she believes hospice actually extended the limited amount of time her husband had left. She praises the hospice that cared for her husband and thanks them for limiting his pain and suffering.

Not all experiences with hospice found via Google search were good ones. Communication issues are cited. Personnel changes that occurred after a patient bonded with a particular staff member were mentioned as being disconcerting.

In these online writings about hospice, it is repeatedly mentioned that hospice care yielded surprises because the range of services presented by the hospice team was greater than had been anticipated. Also surprising to many was the level of personal involvement by hospice staff and volunteers in patient care and family dealings.

Believe it or not, your Google search for “hospices experiences” may even deliver a good chuckle. Humorist Art Buchwald (who died in 2007) wrote of his hospice experience: “I never knew how many perks were involved with dying. I have to be honest: I’ve enjoyed every moment of it.”

At Hope Hospice we know that, while some things are consistent with most patients, every person’s experience with hospice care is different. To learn more about hospice care and what can be expected, call us at 314-984-9800 and let us answer your questions.


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