Hospice Does NOT Mean “Giving Up”

When a patient is admitted to hospice care, does this mean that the patient and family are giving up hope? No. Going on hospice does require acknowledgement of a diagnosis that indicates a life expectancy of six months or less. But it does not mean giving up hope.

The name of our organization is Hope Hospice. Wikipedia defines hope as “the state which promotes the desire of positive outcomes related to events and circumstances in one’s life.” The key words in this definition are “positive outcomes.” Making the best of those “events and circumstances” that occur in life is what hospice care is about.

For our patients, our hope (there’s that word again!) is for a better quality of life through pain and symptom management. Going on hospice does not speed up the dying process. In fact, several research projects have shown that—for certain medical conditions—patients on hospice live longer than those who are not on hospice.

How does Hope Hospice provide hope (“positive outcomes”) to patients and families? We offer emotional and spiritual support, which can make the road to the end of life less bumpy. We help patients make the most of every day.

Our nurses and home health aids visit patients in their homes multiple times each week to monitor vital signs, deliver medications and supplies, ask important questions and provide a smile. Yes, a smile.

Because we often hear of celebrities going on hospice care and then dying within a couple of days, some people figure that hospice care is only for those last few days of life. Sadly, caregivers sometimes only call hospice after a patient has suffered pain for a considerable amount of time. Those who are admitted to hospice early in the end-of-life process are assured of less time spent in pain.

Yes, the people of Hope Hospice do provide hope for patients and families. For more information about what we can do for your loved one and your family, please call us at 314-984-9800.



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