Making the Call to Hospice

The doctor tells your loved one (the patient) and you (the caregiver), “You need to call hospice.” What next?

The doctor may give you the name of a specific hospice organization or, perhaps, several. You may choose whichever hospice you wish.

Should you choose to consider Hope Hospice for hospice care, we have two individuals who can meet with you and explain what hospice is and what it is not. Our community liaisons are Sarah and Carl. You can reach Hope Hospice at 314-984-9800 to schedule a visit with Sarah or Carl.

Sarah and Carl are experienced hospice care experts who have worked with numerous patients and families over the years. They have answered hundreds of questions from patients and caregivers. They know that while many patient situations are similar to others, each individual situation has elements that make it unique.

Similarly, while all hospice care organizations have things in common, each has its own characteristics. Hope Hospice is a privately owned, independent hospice. Hope is not part of a large hospital group. Hope is not a part of a national hospice chain. When a Hope Hospice nurse or other professional has a special need for a particular patient, approval from the owner is easy to obtain because the owner is right here in the office in St. Louis County.

We know that even after the doctor has said that it is time for hospice, you may be hesitant to make the call. This is understandable. You may want to wait a day or two to allow the gravity of the situation to register fully.

Rest assured that we have counseled many patients and families about what to expect from hospice. Expectations are frequently quite different from reality.

You may never feel completely comfortable about making the call to hospice. But when the time feels right, please call us at Hope Hospice and let us set up a visit for you with Sarah or Carl. Our number is 314-984-9800.




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