Thanksgiving for Hospice Patients

Hospice patients—and family members—have many reasons to be thankful on Thanksgiving 2013.

  • Be thankful for the opportunity to gather and enjoy the love and warmth of family members.
  • Be thankful for the memories of Thanksgivings past and the people and places that make up those memories.
  • Be thankful for all the blessings and happiness that life gives and has given.
  • Be thankful for holiday visitors who are happy to see you and happy to listen to what you have to say.
  • Be thankful for the wonderful aromas of Thanksgiving, whether you are working in the kitchen, watching the parade in the family room or resting in bed.
  • Be thankful for the young ones. Let their spirit and energy inspire you.
  • Be thankful for the positive differences you have made in the lives of your loved ones.
  • Be thankful for the beauty that nature brings us every day.
  • Be thankful for neighbors, church members and others who offer to help.
  • Be thankful for kindness of caregivers and their time and attention.
  • Be thankful for modern medications and the relief they provide from pain.
  • Be thankful for the joy and comfort your religious beliefs provide.
  • Be thankful for the support, compassion and love that are shared by hospice team members.

We hope your Thanksgiving is a good one.

(For information about hospice care, call Hope Hospice in metro St. Louis at 314-984-9800.)





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