More On Learning About Hospice

When a doctor or other medical professional mentions the word hospice to a patient or a family member, where does one turn to learn about hospice?

An article posted on this site in September 2013 offers a few suggestions.

The internet provides a number of great resources. It’s possible that an online search has brought you to this page. Here are a few more online pages you may want to check out:

Those sites should help you get started in your quest to learn about hospice.

Members of the clergy who visit sick parishioners and their family members may have knowledge about hospice and the various components of hospice care.

Ask your minister or priest for thoughts on hospice based on his experiences with church members and their family members on hospice.

Remember, too, that you can call us at Hope Hospice in metro St. Louis for information about hospice care. We can answer both general and specific questions. And if we don’t have the information immediately available, we’ll track it down. Our number is 314-984-9800.


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