Comfort, Not Cure

When should a call be made to hospice? When discomfort and pain caused by a disease and/or its treatment becomes unbearable, hospice can help.

When a patient is told that treatment is no longer working, hospice can help.

Hospice is designed to provide comfort and relief from pain. It is not designed to cure.

The concept of hospice is relatively new. Only during the past few decades has hospice care become a significant element of the American health care picture. Because many of today’s hospice patients had little awareness of hospice during their younger days, the goals and methods of hospice may be unfamiliar.

If you are a patient with a severe, possibly life threatening, illness or a close family member of a patient, learning about hospice is vital. In addition to information your may discover online and in books, ask your doctor to share his or her knowledge of hospice.

If you desire greater information about hospice—even if the need for hospice may be months or years away—you can call us in metro St. Louis at Hope Hospice at 314-984-9800. We are happy to answer your questions, whether general or specific.

One important fact about hospice that many do not realize is that hospice includes more than just medical care. A hospice team includes social workers and chaplains to deal with emotional and spiritual needs.

The effort to educate the public about hospice care is ongoing. It may take another generation or two before awareness of hospice is as good as it should be. We understand that some people may be averse to learning about hospice because it centers on the topic of death. We understand that some people figure they’ll investigate hospice when necessary, but not before.

Remember, you can call us any time with your questions about hospice. Call Hope Hospice at 314-984-9800. Hope Hospice is an independent hospice care agency that serves patients and families in St. Louis city and county and in Jefferson, St. Charles and Franklin counties.


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