What Can Hospice Do For YOU (And Your Family)?

The list of hospice services is long. In addition to providing pain relief and symptom control to patients, hospice care offers much more.

Our nurses provide regular visits to monitor patient care. They provide leadership and guidance for the Home Health Aides who also visit patients in their homes. Hospice nurses help train and educate caregivers about patient care.

Possibly the most important service our nurses provide is emotional support. Over time, through repeat visits, a relationship of trust develops.

Home Health Aides can help with personal care, such as bath, shampoo and other needs.

Each hospice agency has social workers who assess the psychosocial situation surrounding the patient and family members. They work to provide family counseling and education. They also provide referrals to other resources that may be needed.

The hospice chaplain offers spiritual support and counseling to the patient and, if needed, to the family members. The chaplain can help with funeral planning and may participate in the funeral, if requested. The chaplain also provides bereavement follow up calls to the family members and can, in most cases, offer grief counseling.

The hospice administrative staff is available to answer questions, and address concerns and grievances.

Our community liaisons are often the first people to meet with patients and families. They are trained to explain what hospice is and how it works. They share all the details of the Medicare hospice benefit.

They offer an overview of what a patient and family can expect in the following weeks and months. They make sure that patients are given a list of patient rights.

What can hospice do for YOU? Hospice offers a multitude of services, including many that we don’t have room to list here. To learn more about hospice care in St. Louis, call us at Hope Hospice at any time. 314-984-9800.










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