Hospice and Nursing Homes

Hospice patients receive care in private homes and in nursing homes. A family member or other loved one may not, for any of numerous reasons, be able to take care of a hospice patient at home. A nursing home may be the best option.

For those in nursing homes, hospice professionals provide most of the same services they provide for patients in private homes.

Hospice teams help patients in nursing homes, as well as their families and nursing home staff. When care is properly coordinated between hospice staff and nursing home staff, the patient benefits and family members are reassured.

Frequent visits by hospice nurses allow the hospice to keep close tabs on a patient’s condition. A hospice physician may visit the patient as needed.

An important part of the hospice care for nursing home patients is pain control. The hospice team makes sure that the patient has medications to address pain and discomfort. The hospice staff works closely with nursing home staff to make sure medications are administered correctly.

Good communication is vital. When a hospice care team gives information about a patient’s specific condition to the nursing home team members, it helps the nursing home staff provide the best possible routine daily care. Likewise, the nursing home team—who work with the patient on a continual basis—needs to be ready to share important information about the patient with hospice personnel, especially significant changes in a patient’s condition.

Of course, the hospice team provides the same emotional and spiritual support to nursing home patients and their families that they offer to those receiving hospice care in private homes.

If a determination is made that your loved one should transition into hospice care and circumstances make it difficult for you to be a caregiver, call us at Hope Hospice and let us help you place your loved one in an area nursing home that meets your needs. Call Hope Hospice at 314-984-9800.





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