Hope Hospice Needs Volunteers

Home care

Hope Hospice needs volunteers. No medical experience is necessary. In fact, as a hospice volunteer, you are not allowed to perform any medical functions. The main thing our volunteers provide to our patients is companionship.

Our organization is looking for compassionate people who might have some time to spend with a hospice patient. Hope Hospice volunteers receive several hours of individual training to prepare themselves for this important service.

A Hope Hospice volunteer works with one patient at a time. The volunteer visits the patient at the patient’s home or care facility. A volunteer can talk to the patient, read to the patient, watch a video with the patient—whatever the patient and caregiver prefer.

Occasionally, a volunteer may be asked to stay with a patient for a brief time while the caregiver steps out for a shopping trip or a walk around the block.

Hope Hospice volunteers undergo a thorough background check. This, along with our training, allows us to assure patients and families that our volunteers are people we trust.

Not everybody has what it takes to be a hospice volunteer. For some, the reality of being a hospice volunteer may not match up to what was imagined. For others, working with a person who is facing the end of life may present emotional challenges. However, the gratification of providing your time to a person who greatly appreciates it can be very rewarding.

An important characteristic of every Hope Hospice volunteer is reliability. When we tell a patient or caregiver that a volunteer will be there, we want to be confident that the volunteer will arrive as expected.

Hope Hospice volunteers come in all ages and from all backgrounds. From students to empty nesters to retired individuals, we welcome all who may be interested.

If you would like to help by donating some of your valuable time—and your compassion—to Hope Hospice patients, please call our volunteer coordinator C. J. Bilbrey at the Hope Hospice office at 314-984-9800.

For information about hospice care in metro St. Louis, call Hope Hospice any time at 314-984-9800.


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