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Shouldn’t Every Hospice Have a Massage Therapist?

Yes, they should. However, not every hospice has a massage therapist. It’s not a requirement. But we at Hope Hospice have one and we are proud of the work she does!

The primary goals of hospice care are patient comfort and symptom control. Massage therapy helps us meet those goals with our patients.

While we all love a good back rub, our Hope Hospice massage therapy goes well beyond that. Our massage therapy addresses centralized areas of pain, which can be in the back, the shoulders, the arms, the legs, the hands, the feet, the neck or the head.

Many patients spend much of their day in bed or in a chair with little movement. Muscles that are not used can become stiff. Massage can relieve that stiffness. Massage therapy can aid in circulation, especially in the arms and legs.

Hospice patients face a unique kind of stress. Not only are they concerned about their own lives coming to an end, they also worry about their survivors and how they will fare following the patient’s death.

For most patients, massage therapy provides significant stress relief. A simple human touch can provide psychological relief that is often greater than the physical relief a massage can offer. Another result of massage for many patients is better sleep.

Our Hope Hospice massage therapist is aware of medical conditions and family circumstances regarding each patient she visits. She attends our weekly staff meetings where she receives patient updates and frequently offers her input. She is a vital part of our hospice care team.

Massage therapy is one of the lesser-known elements of hospice care. Here in St. Louis at Hope Hospice, we know that it is a vital and effective way to improve the quality of life of our patients. We make sure that every patient and caregiver is aware that we offer massage therapy and we encourage them to take advantage and reap the benefit.

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