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Respite Care—An Important Part of Hospice

When a home-based hospice patient requires the presence of a caregiver at all times, the stress of providing that care can be daunting. Even when the caregiving is spread among several family members or other individuals, those who are providing the care may need a break.

Caregivers may need or want to be part of other family events, such as a wedding or the birth of a grandchild in another city. They may merely want to go out to dinner or a show. In such situations, Hope Hospice can arrange respite care for our hospice patients. This allows the caregiver(s) to enjoy a respite from the need to be with the patient constantly.

With respite care, the patient is placed in a quality nursing facility for a short stay, no longer than five days. As with all the care provided by Hope Hospice, respite care is a covered expense.

While some caregivers may fear that they will have guilt feelings for leaving mom or dad or their husband or wife in a nursing facility for a few days, the respite can have extraordinary value.

For the patient, the brief stay at the nursing facility provides a change of scenery. For the caregiver(s), respite care affords an opportunity to refresh and recharge. Getting away from the day-to-day routine can allow the caregiver(s) time to think about and appreciate the task to which so much time and energy has been committed.

When the patient returns home, the level of caregiving may improve, due to the effects of the R & R enjoyed by those taking care of the patient. And, no matter how good the nursing home may have been, the positive effect of being back home is good for the patient.

Respite care is one of the lesser-known services that Hope Hospice provides. But the results of respite care can be amazing.