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Veterans Day 2014


Veterans Day is a special day on the Hope Hospice calendar. Each year, we offer recognition to our patients who are U.S. military veterans. But we also work to honor the veterans on our patient list every day of the year.

Our staff members have received We Honor Veterans training to help them deal with the special needs of veterans. This includes learning about our country’s wars and conflicts. Giving our team a sense what these men and women may have experienced helps them better relate to veterans. Recognizing differences in attitudes regarding various military engagements is also important.

Awareness of PTSD and other conditions that may have affected their lives is vital. Such knowledge allows our staffers to provide the best hospice care to veterans.

Of course, not all U.S. veterans were involved in battle. Many served their entire military careers stateside in support positions. We honor and value their service to our nation as important contributors to maintaining our freedom.

On Veterans Day 2014, members of the Hope Hospice staff will personally visit with each of our patients who are veterans. Chaplains John Wilson and Danny Loesch and social worker Jill Stuckey will tell the vets how much their service to our country is appreciated. And, if a veteran wants to talk about time spent in uniform, our staff members will listen.

It has been our experience that U.S. veterans always welcome our thanks for all they have done for us, even if they’ve heard us say it before.

We encourage you, especially on Veterans Day, to thank a veteran for his or her service to America. Because, honestly, we cannot thank these individuals enough.

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We Honor Veterans at Hope Hospice

Hope Hospice has recently partnered with We Honor Veterans, a program developed by the National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization and the Department of Veterans Affairs.

This partnership will enable Hope Hospice to better serve U.S. Veterans and their families. We have always held Veterans in high regard and have had the honor of providing hospice care to a large number of Veterans. Our new partnership with We Honor Veterans allows us to certify our commitment to providing an even higher level of care to Veterans.

It is important for Hope Hospice staff members to show a special respect and appreciation for  the Veterans in our care. We Honor Veterans training for Hope Hospice personnel informs them about many of the wars and conflicts that America fought before they were born. Possessing knowledge about World War II as well as wars fought in Korea, Vietnam and the Mideast, helps our team members better communicate with those Hope Hospice patients who are Veterans.

Just over twenty-five percent of those who pass away each year in the United States are Veterans. A vast majority of Veterans are not enrolled in VA and may not be aware of end of life services and benefits available to them, including the Medicare hospice benefit and VA-paid hospice care.

We Honor Veterans is not just the name of the program, it is a philosophy that we at Hope Hospice are proud and happy to embrace. We recognize the unique needs of our nation’s Veterans who may be facing a terminal illness. In cases where there are specific needs related to military service, combat experience or traumatic events, Hope Hospice will find tools to help support those we are caring for.

We pledge to bring comfort to our patients who are Veterans and to offer our guidance and counsel to their families and, in so doing, honoring their service to our nation. For more information about Hope Hospice and the We Honor Veterans program, please call 314-984-9800.